Irmtraud Gotsis


Irmtraud Gotsis was born in Vienna, and became an expert on oleanders while living in Southern Europe. In her large garden in Messinia, Greece, she has been growing and propagating this plant for 30 years.
Her work has led to many discoveries and revelations, especially with regard to the creation of new varieties – in the place where the “godfather” of seeds once stood!


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Her experiences have been recounted in “My Oleander Story”, which describes this journey through Nature in the south, and her fascination with it. It is rich in facts which we had previously not known, as well as in captivating flights of imagination.


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James Nicholas


James Nicholas is of Greek and French ancestry and lives in Connecticut, in the northeastern USA. He is a member of the IOS, the International Oleander Society, Galveston, Texas.


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                          Observations and experiences

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