OLEANDER HAUS, der Verein für Oleanderfreunde

A Visit From the Hungarian Oleander Society.                July 18, 2016


Four ladies and one gentleman from the Hungarian Oleander and Mediterranean Plant Association (Magyar Leander- és Mediterrán Kertbarát Egyesület), Ildikó Fehérvári, Andrea Heyek, Mrs. Erzsébet Hauth,  János Hauth, and Zsuzsanna Varga, have visited the Oleander Haus.

A very important visit for us; we were able to show them the Oleander Haus along with the oleander garden, and to explain as well our work regarding  the preservation of the diversity of cultivars. Our project, OLEANDERDORF RAX (Oleander Village of Rax) is well-known.  Our guests  were interested in experiencing more regarding it, as the Association would like to create something similar in Hungary.


In addition to this, there was much technical discussion and, of course, an exchange of special oleander varieties. It is most gratifying that we have now been able to officially establish a friendly contact with the oleander society of our neighboring country, Hungary. There is a long-established and widespread “oleander culture” among the Hungarian population. Unique in the whole world, however, is the preoccupation in Hungary with raising oleanders from seed.  More and more interesting new varieties thus appear.


With this visit, with this first encounter, the cornerstone for future cooperation has been laid. With the oleander experts and growers Mrs. Irmtraud Gotsis (Greece) and James Nicholas (Connecticut, USA), the International Oleander Society (Texas, USA), the Hungarian Oleander Association, and Oleander Haus, an international network for the exchange of knowledge, experience, and plants has now come into being – apart from the from the commercial oleander nurseries in Italy, Spain, particularly France, and also Hungary, which we of course also recognize.


“Burgenlandi látogatás a rax-i  Oleander Haus-ban” (A visit to Burgenland and the Oleander House in Rax) – with many pictures: