Rooting Splendens Giganteum

As of the end of December, the shrub was standing under open skies and was covered with snow; nightly frosts were as low as -8 C (18 F). The cut branches lay on the moist ground in the greenhouse for an additional month (with light frost as well).




A small amount of perlite is placed in the test tube, moistened with water (by means of a hypodermic needle) and the cutting is placed on the surface. 

The cuttings (cut on February 1st) in the test tubes on the styrofoam base.

Plastic film maintains the ambient humidity. Of course, the moisture in the tubes must be checked. From now on, the cuttings are kept moist and warm. 



The first root appears after 9 days; after 14 days, the root is clearly visible.

(February 14)


Moist - warm - dark.  






Early March (March 2).

The cuttings are rooted and have started to sprout.



March 10 – it is about five weeks since the cuttings were taken. Small root balls have formed.

The particles of perlite cling to the roots.

The cuttings can now be planted – in pure perlite. The perlite provides good moisture, good drainage, and good aeration. 

The new plants stand  - still shaded - in light and open air.






It is late July. Our two „model cuttings“ have become little trees. They are still sitting in perlite. Now and then they receive a small dose of fertilizer.  

They will now be planted in normal soil (for oleanders) and transplanted into normal pots.