Numerous European oleander cultivars and in Europe commercially available cultivars are represented at the OLEANDER HOUSE.


The colors range from pure white through light pink, dark pink, red to dark red; from pale yellow to vanilla-yellow, and several shades of salmon. In each color there are both single-flowered and double-flowered varieties, sometimes hose-in-hose (that is, two superimposed corollas) forms as well.

The growth habits are just as varied – from dwarf forms to large, wide bushes or trees.

Many of the oleanders are young or just a few years old, but there are some specimens here which are decades old; some of then over 60 years old.

The cultivars by name



magenta-pink, single, rain-resistant, long-blooming 


white (very pale pink), single, blooms even in unfavorable summers

Belle Helene

bright pink, single, long-blooming

Blue-Blanc Re D®

intense red with white streaks, double, blue-green foliage

Dr. Ragioneri

salmon, single, large flowers, robust branches

Emile Sahut

intense dark red, petal edges almost black, single

Geant des Batailles

intense red with white streaks, double, standard old variety (Correct name probably Commandant Barthélémy)


huge deep-pink blossoms, single, fragrant

Hardy Pink

bright pink, single, stems don’t get bare

Hardy Red

red, single, very wide petals, intensely-colored

Harriet Newding

white to light pink, variegated, single

Isle of Capri

cream-yellow with intense yellow throat, single, medium-sized shrub


red, single, one of the most frost-tolerant cultivar


fuchsia-red, single. Hardy, tolerant variety, long-blooming

Louis Pouget

huge light-pink flowers, double, very fragrant

Luteum Plenum

vanilla-yellow, double, fragrant, long-blooming

Madame Allen

light phlox-pink, double, fragrant

Madame Leon Blum

peach-colored, classic variety, single, floriferous


phlox-pink, single, lightly fragrant, long-blooming

Maresciallo Graziani

light salmon-pink, throat yellow, single 


bengal pink, single, lightly fragrant, floriferous; a connoisseur’s variety

Marie Gambetta

intense yellow, single, magnificent but temperamental, long-blooming

Marie Mauron®

deep pink, single, compact cultivar

Maurin des Maures®

deep pink, single, compact variety, long-blooming

Mont Blanc

pure white, hose-in-hose, fragrant, long-blooming

Mrs. Roeding

magenta-pink to salmon-pink, double, fragrant, floriferous


lemon-yellow, double flowers, fragrant, cyclical bloomer

Petite Red

dwarf variety, dark red, single

Petite Salmon

dwarf variety, salmon, single

Prof. Granel

light red, hose-in-hose

Re D® JR 95-3

red, single, large windmill-shaped


peach-pink to phlox-pink, double, large inflorescence

Roseum Plenum

peach-pink to reddish-pink, double, fragrant 


velvety dark red, triple or quadruple corollas, slightly fragrant

Sealy Pink

delicate pastel-pink, single, outstanding bloomer

Soeur Agnes

pure white, single, long-blooming,

Soleil Levant

deep peach color, single, yellow center, blooms from spring to midsummer

Souvenir de Michel

synonym 'Provence'  salmon-pink, double, very fragrant

Souvenir des Iles Canaries

light yellow, single

Splendens Giganteum

pink, double, very fragrant; has been grown for centuries in winegrowing regions


pink, single, from the Taurus Mountains of Turkey, high frost tolerance


pink, single, from the Todra canyon, High Atlas, Morocco, high frost tolerance

Turners Carnival

peach-colored, single, small flowers

Ville de Carpentras

azallea-pink to baby-pink, yellow center, hose-in-hose

Ville de la Londe

luminous cherry-red, single, long-blooming