OLEANDER HOUSE (OLEANDER HAUS): the association for oleander enthusiasts.

OLEANDER HOUSE is not only a society, but also a house with an oleander garden and an oleander show. 

OLEANDER HOUSE shall endeavor to find as many interested people (oleander fans) as possible, which ultimately will become part of the Oleander Village community.


Al high point is the Oleander Festival, a celebration for the village and a regional event for friends, visitors, and tourists.


The Oleander House has taken on the mission in the Oleander Village of providing information about the care, hybridization, propagation, and overwintering of oleanders.


OLEANDER HAUS, der Verein für Oleanderfreunde

The Oleander House Association was founded in June, 2012, and is based in Rax, Austria 8380.


   The mission of the Society is:

  1. Care, breeding, propagation, and overwintering of oleanders, and information about these.
  2. Realization of the "Oleander Village of Rax" project, a project of the Township of Jennersdorf.

       To the  BLOG . . .

OLEANDER HAUS is an organization which was founded in June 2012. 

The association is based in Rax, Jennersdorf 8380, Austria, Europe

OLEANDER HAUS is local/regional, and is the only institution in Austria which is devoted to the subject of oleanders in every aspect and in its broadest range.  Thus, the OLEANDER HAUS is a central contact point for all oleander enthusiasts; a display garden for oleanders is being created;  the  surrounding village is decorated with oleanders during the summer (which is extraordinary and unique for this latitude and climate); special events and festivals are held, and information about oleanders is made available in many different forms.  With its activities, the OLEANDER HAUS is also a new tourist attraction. 

The OLEANDER HAUS strives to become a center for oleanders not only in Austria and Central Europe, but internationally.  

This means that an oleander collection should be compiled which, insofar as possible, will contain all of the oleander cultivars available or known in Europe and/or the Western World. 

Over the long term, an overview is to be created which will cover all aspects of Nerium oleander L. :   literature, pictorial material, art, history, and culture. The website and Facebook pages of the OLEANDER HAUS are constantly being developed and updated, providing information as to the current state of affairs. 

In order to implement all of these activities and to achieve the goals which have been set, there  currently  exists a project with the name OLEANDERDORF RAX (Oleander Village of Rax). This project is being sponsored by the regional government (Burgenländische Landesregierung) and by the  European Union. 


Rax, January 2015