Rooting Géant des Batailles

The cuttings (taken on February 4) are placed into the test tubes with the moistened perlite.

A covering of plastic film maintains the humid atmosphere.  

They can now be placed in the warm, dark location.


On March 2, after one month, the cuttings have definitely rooted.

Note: the cuttings themselves are surrounded only by the moist atmosphere in the test tube; they are merely resting on the surface of the perlite.



This is what the cuttings look like as of March 10: well-rooted and with tiny little green leaves.


The styrofoam base accomodates 50 test tubes; 5 rows of 10 each. 







These three cuttings are our model examples.





They are planted in drinking glasses filled with pure perlite and slowly acclimatized to light, air and sun.






By late July, our three „model cuttings“ have become little trees. They are still in perlite only. Now and then they recive a small dose of fertilizer.

They will now be potted up in normal soil (for oleanders).