Spring suddenly arrived a week ago, as you can clearly see. During the day, the weather is warm and sunny, usually over 15 c (60 F) – it’s even reached 20 C (70 F) already. During the night, the temperature no longer dips down to 0 C (32 F), rather, it is between 5 and 10 C (40 and 50 F). It’s supposed to stay about the same in the near future.  

The oleanders which were planted outside have survived the winter in optimal condition. On the left, the bush in the open field; on the right, one of the shrubs next to the wall of the house. Nothing frozen, nothing dried out, nothing that needs to be pruned out. However, it was a mild and rather short winter this year. The inner little plastic-sheet house (left) and the inner plastic protective sheet (right) have already been removed. If it should get cold once more for a short period, simple protection should suffice.  

. . . Our joy is great! 

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