The unveiling

In the open meadow, in the problematic location, it’s time to remove the plastic tent. The bush appears beautiful and vigorous.

Now, it is important to note: 

The bush (2 bushes) were planted outdoors in 2011. 

In the winter of 2011/2012, covered only by a plastic tent, they got completely frozen. 

In 2012, they sprouted anew from the rootstock (only beginning in June) and grew to the size documented. The second overwintering followed, this time with better protection and a frost monitor. 

Remember: A long, cold winter (this year, very long) and an additional three weeks in the meadow flooded by cold water!

The pruned bush, with new foliage, is now nicer-looking than it was when it went into its winter rest period toward the end of November in the previous year.

In June of the previous year, that is, one year ago, there was absolutely nothing of it left to see . . . 


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