Spring is here / The moment of truth… 

Oleander im Hofbereich


Five months ago, on November 17, 2012, the experiment with the oleanders permanently planted outdoors was begun. We can now say: 

The experiment was a success. 

The first inflorescences are showing definite growth and are turning reddish – here,  Splendens Giganteum.

Oleanders on the front side of the main house 

After cleaning up and removing the dried leaves, the branches look fresh and alive again. The bush on the left, which is located in the sheltered corner of the house, naturally looks nicer. Next winter, I will protect the bushes better – especially the one on the right.  

The large protective plastic sheets have also been removed already; the oleanders in this location will now be exposed to the elements.  

Permanently planted in the ground, without pots, over two summers and two winters.

(Admittedly with some setbacks as well, as described).

Oleanders planted out in the open field 

Even here in this problematic location: After pruning and removing dry leaves and those which were damaged by frost, the little bush looks quite normal again – there are even a lot of new little sprouts in the leaf axils. I will leave the large plastic tent standing until the last possible frost dates.  

      Experiment successful! 

By next winter, the bush will be larger than last year. We have a two-month head start this year, because last year everything was completely frozen and not until June did the bush start sprouting again from the rootstock; besides, this year we are not starting back at square one – we already have a bush with undamaged wood and with green foliage retained.

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