The first major cold snap is over

Oleanders in the yard

It was indeed very cold, as low as -15 C (5 F), but for the time being the intense cold seems to have passed. If temperatures are above freezing during the day, the oleanders can get aired out, and if the sun shines as it is doing today, the have to be ventilated with really fresh air, as it gets very warm very quickly, as you can see – The oleanders are doing well.  

It’s December 12; this was just a foretaste of winter, which really can’t properly be called winter until January/February.

Oleanders along the front wall of the main house



Temperatures are a bit above freezing, therefore some quick ventilation is appropriate; the days are short now. Another reason that it’s important to ventilate as often as possible is that the plastic-sheet shelters sweat on the inside, and the oleanders are standing in air that is too humid – or their foliage may actually become wet. 

Oleanders planted out in the meadow




The tent is now standing in the sun; it is certainly warm inside. The entrance can be opened confidently, and the additional packing material as well.

Tent, inner tent, and packing material have been opened; it’s warm, the oleanders look good, they also appear to feel good. So far, they have withstood the cold well in the unprotected location (with auxiliary heating) – but this is only the beginning of winter; we have a good two and a half months ahead of us. It’s only December 12 . . .


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